A grand link building strategy that is a mix of solid time tested and advanced link building techniques is the dream of all webmasters and website owners. But before you have a grand strategy, you must have a strategy, and an effective one at that.

Now, building any strategy whether for promotion, link building or something else is difficult. You need to build a carefully crafted strategy that takes into consideration the various aspects that are going to play a role how that particular strategy pans out.

Let’s take a look at 5 steps that will help you build a successful link building strategy:

STEP 1: Understand Your Requirement

This looks simple enough, but there is a lot in it. Do you want a link build strategy that achieves high rankings on SERPs or one which helps you build brand credibility or you want one to lead to the other. There are a huge number of link building tactics going around and each has its own specific benefit.

By understanding what you want you will be able to craft a goal centric strategy. Something else that you need to identify before you begin is whether you are going to target high value sites for link building or not. Everybody wants to target such sites, but it’s the link building strategy that determines whether they can successfully attract back links from these sites. These sites also need to be a part of your target audience’s only ecosystem.

A high value link acquisition strategy helps you start the process of building brand authority right from day one; at the opposite end of the spectrum is a strategy that focuses on building natural links, irrespective of whether these links are from authority sites or not. In this case, higher rankings will be followed by improved brand authority

How do you want to go about establishing a competitive position in your market place, is the big question you must answer here. This will help you define what you want and how do you go about achieving it.

STEP 2: Competitive Research – Link Building Tools

With this step you are trying to understand your competitors’ link building strategy. It will help you identify the link signals that you must strive to get right, if you are to beat your competitors. Think of yourself as a prospector hunting for the right link building opportunities. How, do you find out which opportunities must be leveraged, which should be left alone? How do you know which link building tactics work for your niche? You get your answers by “spying” on your competitors’ link profile.

Identify the best link building tools, and pick the ones that suit your needs and requirements best. Use tools that you can use with optimum efficiency. Ask around about the best tools, take expert guidance, and only then make your choice.

STEP 3: Plan for Great Content

Are you a good writer or do you have a team of accomplished writers?

At the back of every effective link building strategy is some amazing content. Look up the back links profile of successful sites in your niche or generally; you will find all of them have one thing in common – great content. It’s the kind of content that attracts natural links. You don’t have to go about soliciting links, you just need to make your content visible in the right quarters and allow it to work its magic. Good content is persuasive content that convinces authority sites, influencers, and brand advocates to link to it.

You need to have a plan in place for writing content that complements link building. For this, you will first need to identify your target audiences, their problems and their interests and preferences. Make sure you know the kind of information they are looking for, and make it available to them through your content.

Step 4: Outreaching

One of the crucial steps for building a profitable link building strategy,‘outreaching’ needs a strategy of its own. Before you implement your link building strategy, you need an outreach plan in place. You don’t want to be working out a strategy, when your link building is well underway. That will be sheer waste of time.

Outreaching is a process wherein you set up a mechanism for personal interaction with bloggers, and authority figures in your nichewho will link to your content. Some are blog owners who you will approach with a request to publish a post on their blog; others are authors who you can request to link to your content, whenever they have written an

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article that is relevant to it; and others are niche influencers, who you will approach to share your link.

As can be seen, the right outreaching plan pays rich dividends. You will need to gather contacts, communicate enthusiastically, follow-up on your communication and convince them that you and your content are really worth it.

Step 5: Begin with Traditional Link Building Techniques

Start off with the more traditional link building techniques and move on to more advanced tactics. Beginning your campaign with tried and tested techniques like anchor text optimization, in-content links, interlinking your website’s pages, directory submission to reputed directories, quality article submission to reputed article directories, quality social boomarking, etc., will help you build a strong foundation for the later more advanced and high value tactics that you will use.

End Words

Developing an effective link building strategy is a difficult job and you might not get it right, the first time round. If you don’t, don’t worry, just analyze your link profile and see what’s wrong with it and make the necessary changes. If you have paid attention to all factors that play a role in successful link building, you won’t have to make wholesale changes to your existing strategy. Let’s face it; successful link building is a matter of trial and error; some tactics work and others don’t. The trick is to modify your strategy quickly, to fine tune and make it more effective.

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