Link Building PackageNameDescriptionPricingBuy Now
BA-LBPBasic50 PR2-P4 BackLinks
50 Social Bookmarking

SI-LBPSilver75 PR2-PR4 BackLinks
75 Social Bookmarks

GO-LBPGold125 PR2- PR5 BackLinks
125 Social Bookmark
1 Link Wheel of 6 Mini Sites

BL-LBPBlaze200 PR2-PR5 BackLinks
200 Social Bookmark
1 Link Wheel
500 Directory Submission
1 Article Submission
5000 Forum Link Building

SU-LBPSuper SEO300 PR2-PR5 Backlinks
500 Social Bookmark
2 Link Wheels
1000 Directory Submission
2 Article Submission
20000 Forum Link Building
1 Squidoo Lens

PL-LBPPlatinum SEO400 PR2-PR5 Backlinks
1000 Social Bookmarks
4 Link Wheels
1750 Directory Submission
1 Article Prism
30000 Forum Link Building
4 Article Submission
2 Squidoo Lens submission to 200 Social Bookmark Sites

Overview of Link Building Service

Google Panda has made its mark on the SEO scene. With only top quality links and content being allowed to appear on search engine pages, there is a direct need of links that can elevate a website or web presence to the top without resorting to cheap tactics. With larger Panda updates targeting low quality websites, it has become increasingly important to ensure each page possesses links and content that can users can actually learn something from.


To be the best you have to work with the best. ProLogic Web Solution is dedicated in ensuring that each website that comes under their wing soars to the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This is done by providing (post Panda updates) quality back links and other SEO services that can increase a site’s online visibility and retain maximum traffic on each web page at the same time.

Process of Manual Link Building Services

If you are interested in seeing your website win over Google ‘Panda’, ProLogic Web Solutions has the cure. Just go to the main website, and choose which SEO package or Social Media service you need. Pick packages from basic to complete according to your budget or specific requirements by clicking the ‘Add’ button. Fill out the consumer form that appears with your name, anchor texts, website URL and message to our team and hit ‘Send Message’. For a higher page rank, click on ‘More’ for a list of requirements and quality services that can make your web presence stand out.

Top Link Building Services FAQ

  1. Why only Manual Link Building Services?
    In order to ensure this scenario, link builders are scrambling to revise their manual link creation services and provide ones that can give their clients reason to celebrate. This may be a bit difficult for SEO services that depend on mass producing links regardless of their quality or spamming their way to the top. However, if a business website is not attracting traffic even if it doesn’t use this practice, there might be two reasons for its failure:
  1. It may not be the links – Maybe the competitor is a big brand that has had countless years to make a killing in the market which allowed them to grab favorable keywords.
  2. Google is biding its time – The competitor website might be using mass back linking procedures such as Black Hat SEO to increase its popularity. Google might be collecting enough evidence against them before cracking down on their website.
  • What is Good Back linking?
    So, how can a web master determine that his/her site receives valuable back links? The following are some warning signals that point to a low quality website that needs to be avoided like the plague!

    1. Ads Galore! – A successful online business does not need to work too hard to attract clients or traffic for that matter. So, if one is covered top to toe with ad blocks from say AdSense or with text links from Kontera, leaving back links with them will only be counterproductive for a small business.
    2. Low Quality Content – If an article directory is notorious for accepting any and all articles regardless of quality and content, such sources need to be steered clear of. That’s because the Google Panda algorithm will just skim over the website if the majority of its content does not have anything to offer to intended readers. If, on the other hand, an article gets rejected on a reputable website such as, then the content needs to be revamped.
    3. Loads of Content Yet Low Traffic – If for instance a blog has loads of content that it has a 6 Page Rank, it might look like a great place to plant your own web articles. However, what many people don’t know is that a good page rank is not the only determining factor regarding a website’s popularity. The blog may not be as highly placed as it seems and may also be in the lists Google plans to boot out from SERPs. If the blog has something valuable to offer its readers, search engines will automatically place it top side.

Features of Link Building Packages

ProLogic Web Solutions has an arsenal of SEO link building services that have proved highly successful with clients who want to make a mark in their industry. The following are some of our Link Building Packages that have elevated unpopular or weakly linked sites to the top Google ranks:

1.High Page Rank Backlinks and Indexing

First of all, you should Know Page Rank factor by which Google Decides the value of the website. It ranks from 1 to 10. Page Rank 1 is the lowest Value and Page Rank 10 is the highest one. If PR is more , the value generated by the backlink will be better. Every site is ranked from 0 to 10.

You should also know the difference between Domain Page Rank  and Actual Page Rank. A domain with multiple pages in it can have different page ranks across the pages. The thumb rules is : Domain Page Rank can not be higher than Inner Pages Page Rank.

The Major difference between High Page Rank service provided by Prologic Web Solutions and others is :- If we mention that we will make backlink on Page Rank 3 page, We create Backlinks on Internal Pages where the Actual Page Rank is 3 and while other companies do this High Page Rank link building on Domain Page Rank 3 which means Internal Page can or can not have Page Rank 3 and may be 0. So we do provide the backlinks on actual page – Page Rank 3 not on Page Rank 0.  So, if you buy a package where PR4 is included then your backlink will be placed manually by hands on actual PR4 page not on Domain with PR4.

2. Social Bookmarking and Promotions

I believe all of us know the impact of social networking nowdays on online businesses. But Social Bookmarking is different from Social networking. Here people bookmark good website URLs using different social media sites and visit them again and again.

Once, we submit your website into these social bookmarking directory list, we keep your anchor text , URL and description ( Variants ) in our mind. You not only receive the traffic from these sites but in return a High Domain Authority backlinks.

3. Link Wheel Creation

ProLogic Web Solutions also specializes in providing link wheel creation services. By placing your web links on relevant websites and linking this ‘chain’ to your main one, you can acquire more online traffic quickly. This service includes:

  1. A one of a kind article for the main website.
  2. 6 quality spins or versions of the same article.
  3. All 6 versions will be placed on 6 different mini websites.

Furthermore, each mini site will:

  1. have your main keyword as a target.
  2. will appear on 100 directories.
  3. will appear on 20+ bookmarking sites.
  4. will receive a 5 Page Rank backlinks.
4. Manual Directory Submission

Directory submission used to be a tried and true method of getting an online business or a website ahead of competitors. ProLogic will submit your website to yellow page sites or directories your users like to go through. This way, if they are scanning for services, they can hone in on your website immediately. This method has been approved by Google itself!

We have a very good list of sites we use for directory submissions.

5. Squidoo Lens Creation Service and Promotion

Our Squidoo Lens Creation service has been designed specifically to cater to online content creators or website owners who want to make their content relevant to their target market. The features include:

  1. A one of a kind article for your website.
  2. A unique 500 words worth article along with relevant images to be included in the lens.
  3. Promotion of 10 keywords or keyword phrases per article.
  4. Promotion on over 125 social bookmarking websites.

All you need to do is give us your domain name, an anchor text promoting your website.

6. Forum Link Building

We know how user search over the internet for your services. Generally, they search in a way like “How to do <Keyword>” , “where to find best service provider for <keyword>” or something like “why <keyword> is important”. We find such open forums for you and if required, we create questions and answers on your topic and submit it your niche relevant forums as per your requirement. This not only generates good relevant quality backlinks but also provide significant amount of converting traffic.

7. Article Writing and Submissions 

Some people in Today’s world think that Article Submission is dead. We at Prologic Web Solutions, have seen good results with Quality Article writing and Submission with High Quality websites with a Great Page Rank and Domain Authority.

The days are gone where we use to submit Spun Articles into thousands of website, in the current Link building packages, we do submit articles to top 20 high quality websites and get it written by professional writers.

It generates quality high authority One way backlinks towards your website. Most likely the anchor text targeted via these website is dofollow backlink to your website but this also drive good amount of traffic.