In a post Panda and Penguin World, high rankings on SERPS have become a tough ask, that’s because link building and that too natural link building seems to be getting tougher. The fact that only natural links have value now means webmasters are putting in place strategies that are a lot of hard work.

But, if you do some smart work, you will find that natural link building becomes much simpler

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and less hassle free. Remember smart work doesn’t mean taking shortcuts, but doing things that will have you making a less of an effort.

The Outsource Content Approach

I know what you are thinking; you are thinking isn’t this a shortcut? Hear me out for a second and then decide.

What is that one SEO element that makes link building such hard work? It’s great content. Writing usable, interesting and engaging content that helps you attract natural links isn’t easy, so why not approach established authors to get this job done for you. Yes, high profile authors don’t come cheap but they aren’t expensive either. Reach out to a few authors by advertising a freelance opportunity. Check their credentials and know what they charge. You will find at least some of the authors are well within your budget.

Hire authors that have specific expertise related to your niche, and you won’t go wrong. This isn’t a short cut, but an intelligent way of creating content, especially if you are not a good writer, or don’t have the time to do the research needed to write great content.

Build Relationships

Your website will rank if you are attracting links from domain influencers. That’s a lot of hard work! But, the work becomes easier if you have established a rapport with these influencers or brand advocates.

How do you that?

Use the offline approach of networking with these individuals. Attend seminars and conferences where you can meet these influencers; these events also help

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you network with reputed blog owners in your niche; such events are also a great opportunity for identifying the freelance authors in your niche; these meetups are also a great way of showcasing your knowledge and building authority.

The idea is to tell the people who matter, you exist and they are going to benefit by knowing you. What’s more, it helps you immensely when you are outreaching to a blogger who you have already met and talked to, before. If people know you and what you are all about, they are more willing to accept your guest post requests, or link to your content.

A ‘Go-To’ Social Media Profile

Some webmasters are in the habit of just sharing links to their content on their social media profile. The smarter approach will be to adopt a more ‘domain centric’ social media strategy rather than just ‘your online presence’ kind of strategy. Your Facebook and/or Twitter profiles must offer useful information about your domain. Share the links to your blog posts, press releases, infographics, videos etc. on your profile by all means, but make sure that you also share information about the latest developments in your domain.

This will make your Facebook or Twitter profile the ‘go-to’ page if your target audience wants more information about the particular domain. What’s more they are not expecting you to share links to your content all the time; they are looking for domain centric news stories, links to articles by experts etc., this is something you can provide easily. And at the same time you have a much visited and well liked social media profile on your hands.

Not Using Tools?

I don’t get it. There are still some people who don’t use the full range of link building and SEO tools to make their job simpler. Agreed, some of these cannot be used by people who are unaware of the technicalities of SEO, but if you want to do some smart work, these tools are a must use. If you aren’t an expert, hire the services of an SEO expert or get expert guidance, but make use of tools like Open Site Explorer, MozCast, Majestic SEO, and the Fresh Web Explorer amongst others. Their use will help you define an effective link building strategy and take it through to its natural conclusion for creating a quality link juice for your site.

This is as smart as it gets and it’s not rocket science either. So, go ahead and make use of these tools.

Eyes on Infographics and Videos

These are difficult to create, but once done and distributed, will reap rich link building dividends. An infographic a month, for my money is much better then coming out with ten articles a month. An infographic creates a buzz about your online presence that’s difficult to match.

Videos and that too well- made videos are another great way of attracting natural links; more than 1 billion unique visitors visit a video sharing sites like YouTube every month. Imagine the link building potential that such sites have.

Creating a video is difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes as simple as say writing great content. Good videos help build brand authority, credibility and are a smart way of building links.

Don’t Try to Do Things Differently

What’s that? Should you follow the same old techniques of link building and not utilize different strategies? No that’s not what I mean. What I am trying to say is don’t waste time thinking how a strategy can be given a unique twist of its own. Just make use of a link building strategy in the right manner and focus on quality. That’s it. Go about it the right way, that’s smart enough. Play by the rules and you won’t fall down.

End Words

Don’t do this, do that, forget that, remember this – there is no limit to the link building guidance you will get. The idea is to implement those strategies that you can do so with relative comfort. Don’t utilize a strategy does not fall within your comfort zone. You will end up spending a lot of time understanding it and at the end of the day, even after all the effort you might not be able to implement it properly. So, think smart, make smart choices and reap the dividends.

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  1. Nick Penh says:

    Following numerous Yahoo and Google algo modifications, this need to be the concentrate of any SEO company. This is a thing everyone should look at when creating a website link network, so just make a balance among keyword and key phrase targeting and brand name anchor texts. In addition to these, all must also maintain the quality of their contents. Also concentrate on video and Infographic submission.

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