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What is Happening?
Where are businesses lacking?

Nowadays, one goes through lots of turmoil, challenges, and obstacles to start a business venture. It needs lots of courage, strength, and guts to quit a well-paid job and start a business from scratch. He/She must be confident, determined, and committed to his/her goals. They need to acknowledge that there are abundant requirements for this service/ product in the market and they are the RIGHT person to introduce it.

Currently, in India many small ventures are in utter confusion regarding GST compliance, GST registration, GST returns, etc. It is not at all an affordable solution by hiring the right manpower such as professional tax consultants- CA. In many cases, most businesses do not apply for GST Registrations because of an economic crunch and lack of knowledge.

Reasons like websites (GSTN-government website) crashing due to heavy loading refrain businesses/ individuals from taking a step further. In addition, the users have to go through long validation processes for GST filing, compliances, etc. The entire page gets completely swiped out in between even if one follows everything correctly. Lastly, the variable cost of professionals and tech-savvy computer’s fixed costs are some of the causes of big resistance to adequate execution of GST.

GST Suvidha Kendra is a comprehensive solution that eliminates all such problems by
reducing the pricing. It provides great relief to small ventures who hold smaller boundary
points for GST registration, i.e over Rs. 20 lakhs. Each taxpayer in India has now got the
RIGHT point-GST Suvidha Kendra near their proximity at a very affordable rate.

A Quick Example to

Mr. Ajay plans to start a business but he does not have any knowledge regarding the
requirement of legal documents. Therefore, he shared his concern with his friends. One
of his friends referred him to a Tax Consultant who assisted him with the registration
process of the company.

Spend lots of money

To get things sorted, Ajay had to deal with plenty of things like DIN, GSTIN, PAN, etc.
He invested plenty of energy and time in the entire lengthy process. In addition,
he paid varied fees for the same document as he had to deal with numerous
professionals who were engaged.

In the whole process, Ajay was not aware of certain things related to GST. As a result, he
ended up paying for monthly GST Returns and GST Registration. He filed for this with lesser

Single Economic Service
Facilitation Center

Even though Ajay started his business in a proper manner, he had to deal with compliances in between. If Ajay could have access to A Single Economic Service Facilitation Center, things could have been quite different.

How GST Suvidha Kendra help people like Ajay?

GST Suvidha Center/ Kendra is approved and appointed by GSP. Any citizen of India can start this GST Facilitation Center. They can render their service to any business size. A GSK will work in an affordable manner toward their (businesses’) GST compliance requirements. Casual Taxpayers and seasonal businesses can also reach them to reap benefits and comply with GST easily.

GSK helps the Government of India to simplify the process and remove harassment & hurdles faced by small businesses, traders, and individuals. It is an effective and efficient concept that is massively expanding as THE FRANCHISE MODEL.

These centers have endured the potential to be the drivers of the biggest tax reform in India with unprecedented success. The low-cost model promises to reduce the burden and cost to file GST returns.

Business opportunity as GSK

Any Indian citizen can start GST Suvidha Kendra easily.

Services offered at
GST Suvidha Kendra

India’s Most Trusted GST Service Provider caters to the best business opportunity for small businesses and
entrepreneurs with minimal investments.

Sell 400+ Services


GST Preparation Services

Get help with the documentation process and GST
Preparation services with GST Suvidha Kendra, the
best service provider.


Income Tax Returns

The core team of proficient, diligent, and qualified
teams with us provides complete assistance for
Income Tax Returns.


Accounting Services

Provide a complete spectrum of accounting services
like consulting, tax preparation, management
accounting, etc., with us.


Bill Payment

Start your career as a PAN card agent with GST
Suvidha Kendra. With us, you can start an authorized
PAN card center easily.


Micro ATM Service

Develop cash-out & cash-in networks using GST
Suvidha Kendra’s Micro ATM service for financial
inclusion in rural areas.


AI ML Integration into
iOS Apps

Start your business and earn the best commissions for
all types of utility and recharge transactions. Get in
touch today!!

Searching for a lifetime
earning opportunity?

Look no further than GST Suvidha Kendra. As a premier integrated service
provider, we provide GST Suvidha Kendra franchise business
opportunities for individuals who are looking for recurring income.

Earn profitable income for a lifetime by providing the best solutions
under one roof.

Some Frequently
Asked Questions

Yes, it is a profitable business. You can earn great commissions and incentives by setting up a business as GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise.

Any Indian citizen can start the GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise. You need to be at least 12+ qualified and must be well-versed to operate the computer.

You can start the GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise for as low as Rs. 5000 to 30000 +GST. Please go through our franchise cost license types to know more.

You can offer more than 400+ services with GST Suvidha Kendra®. This includes Micro ATM services, GST Preparation services, and many more. Please check our complete list of services.

Yes, we provide training for the complete spectrum of our services.

For Project Inquiries.